THOMIRE Pierre Philippe (sculpteur, bronzier) (Paris, 1751 ; Paris, 1843)
Lustre aux musiciennes

vers 1815
bronze (ciselé, doré) H. 160 cm ; D. 120 cm ; VOLUM. 1,8096
inv. 707
legs Marmottan Paul (testateur) (1932 acquis)
An exceptional piece of work, this large chandelier in gilt bronze has a cul-delampe richly decorated with acanthus leaves and a large pine cone on which sit six female musicians playing, alternately, triangle, drum, and cymbals. From the central knot come twenty-four lights ending in winged wolves’ heads biting the sockets. The ensemble is supported by heavy chains attached to a large, star-shaped rosette surrounded by roses and palms. Its utter richness and tremendous quality make this chandelier one of the museum’s masterpieces. It was for a long time attributed to Pierre Philippe Thomire. It would seem, rather, to be the work of the bronzesmith Lefèvre, who specialized in “arabesque” musician figures. His production was later distributed on the Parisian market by Claude Galle, among others. The Mobilier National has a twelve-light chandelier with perfectly identical figures, also attributed to Galle. Of impeccable pedigree, this chandelier comes from the collection of the Prince de Talleyrand in the Hôtel de Saint-Florentin. It later entered the Hervas, Alphonse de Rothschill and Marquise de La Baye collections, before being purchased by Paul Marmottan on May 19, 1930.