Dear visitors, The work Impression, Soleil levant (Sunrise) by Claude Monet is on loan at Musée d'Orsay from 26th March until 14th July 2024, and then at National Gallery of Washington, from 8th September 2024 until 19th January 2025.
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MORISOT Berthe (1841 ; 1895)
Le jardin à Bougival

toile (peinture à l’huile) H. 73 cm ; l. 92 cm ; H. 85,5 cm ; l. 104 cm ; E. 3,5 cm ; VOLUM. 0,0311
Non signé
inv. 6017
legs Rouart Annie (testateur) (1993)
Berthe Morisot associated the most beautiful moments of her life with Bougival. She stayed there mostly in summer, when the wooded park was in bloom, and the garden inspired her most modern and most daring landscapes. In the painting at the Musée Marmottan Monet, the tall grass and the multicolor rosebushes on the side of the house, the balcony of which is also partially visible, are sketched out with a wonderfully free hand. This oil painting was turned out in just a few hours. The brushstrokes are rapid, visible at a glance. The shapes dissolve, the details disappear. A symphony of green, blue, yellow, and pink infuses this radiant picture with a surprising poetry. The pastel tones recall the art of Watteau and Boucher, two 18th century masters to whom the first woman Impressionist is often compared.