Dear visitors, The work Impression, Soleil levant (Sunrise) by Claude Monet is on loan at Musée d'Orsay from 26th March until 14th July 2024, and then at National Gallery of Washington, from 8th September 2024 until 19th January 2025.
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MONET Claude (Paris, 1840 ; Giverny, 1926)
Le bassin aux nymphéas

1917 entre ; 1919 et
toile (peinture à l’huile) H. 130 cm ; l. 120 cm (sans cadre) ; H. 152.5 cm ; l. 144 cm ; E. 8 cm ; VOLUM. 0,1757 (avec cadre)
Signé en bas à gauche du cachet de l'atelier : Claude Monet.
inv. 5165
legs Monet Michel (testateur) (1966 acquis)
When Monet died, his personal collection and the works in his studio remained at Giverny, which was now the property of his son Michel. Many of his paintings remained there until they were bequeathed to the Académie des Beaux-arts in 1966. Although these works were put into safe storage during the war (1939–1945), when the Giverny area was dangerous, a number of the canvases were damaged by shellbursts. For example, Water Lilies and Agapanthus (1914–1917, Paris, Musée Marmottan Monet) lost its upper section, and about 80 centimeters were torn from the right side of this Water-Lily Pond. Fortunately, an old photograph in the Musée Marmottan Monet archives, and another in a Swiss collection, show what the original composition looked like: the sweeping diagonal going from the lower left edge up toward the right began curving towards the right side of the painting, leading the gaze toward the isolated water lily that now appears at bottom right of the painting as it stands today.