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MUELICH Hans (attribué à) (1516-1573)
Descente de Croix

Huile sur bois H. 152 cm ; l. 112 cm (sans cadre) ; H. 171.5 cm ; l. 132 cm ; E. 4 cm ; VOLUM. 0,0906 (avec cadre)
Panneau signé du monogramme «M. H.» et daté : «1536».
inv. 458
Legs Paul Marmottan (1932)
Coming from the Royal Gallery of Schleissheim, near Munich, this Descent from the Cross is the work of a follower of Albrecht Altdorfer, one of the main representatives of the Danube School during the Renaissance. Dated “1536” and monogrammed with the initials “H.M.,” the painting is attributed to the German painter Hans Muelich, but might also be the work of another artist from Altdorfer’s circle with the same initials. The stormy sky, the tree, and the physical type of certain figures are undoubtedly derived from Altdorfer. The representation of the canon of Mainz standing with the arms of the city’s bishopric at his feet, depicted in the lower middle area, is a quotation from the depiction of Canon Peter Maurer in one of Altdorfer’s best-known paintings, the St. Florian altarpiece. As for the figures of Christ, Joseph of Arimathea, and Nicodemus, as well as the soldier seen from behind in the lower right part of the panel, the group is directly inspired by an engraving by Andrea Mantegna. Drawing on several sources, this Descent from the Cross is one of the most remarkable works attributed to a follower of Altdorfer to be found in France