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RENOIR Auguste (1841 ; 1919)
Portrait de Mademoiselle Victorine de Bellio

toile (peinture à l’huile) H. 55 cm ; l. 46 cm (Sans cadre) ; H. 68 cm ; l. 59 cm ; E. 8 cm ; VOLUM. 0,0321 (Avec cadre)
Signé et daté en bas à gauche : "renoir 92".
inv. 4024
don Donop de Monchy Eugène et Victorine (donateurs) (23/05/1940 acquis)
Born on April 15, 1863, Victorine was the only child of Catherine Rose Guillemet and Georges de Bellio. Born out of wedlock, the child was raised by her father, a gentleman of Romanian origin who had come to Paris in around 1850. Endowed with a comfortable private income, Georges de Bellio was free to devote himself to his two great passions: art and medicine. As a collector he had real vision: not only is he remembered as the man who bought Impression, Sunrise, but he was one of the first and most important collectors of Impressionist art. He was also one of the most faithful supporters of the artists themselves. The free care he provided as a friend of the painters and their families earned him the title of “doctor to the Impressionists.” This portrait of Victorine by Renoir is one of the few works de Bellio actually commissioned, as he usually bought paintings that were already available on the market. Painted the year after Victorine’s marriage to Eugène Donop de Monchy, it may have been intended as a gift for her, or as a personal souvenir of his daughter. It was, at any rate, a work that Victorine and Eugène wished to keep in the family. Alongside other fine Impressionist works in the collection assembled by the doctor, it entered the Musée Marmottan in 1940.