Dear visitors, The work Impression, Soleil levant (Sunrise) by Claude Monet is on loan at Musée d'Orsay from 26th March until 14th July 2024, and then at National Gallery of Washington, from 8th September 2024 until 19th January 2025.
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MONET Claude (1840-1926 )
Les Tuileries

toile (peinture à l’huile) H. 54 cm ; l. 73 cm (sans cadre) ; H. 76 cm ; l. 95,6 cm ; E. 5 cm ; VOLUM. 0,0363 (avec cadre)
Signé en bas à droite : Claude Monet.
inv. 4016
don Donop de Monchy Eugène et Victorine (donateurs) (23/05/1940 acquis)
A humble customs official, Victor Chocquet was one of the first people to support Paul Cézanne. His limited means did not stop Chocquet from assembling an important collection in which other Impressionists figured alongside the painter from Aix. The art lover regularly opened his door to these artists. In 1876, for instance, he made his apartment available to Claude Monet. Located on the fifth floor of 198 Rue de Rivoli in Paris, it offered a view down on to the Tuileries Garden that inspired four paintings by Monet. The version at the Musée Marmottan Monet is the most fully realized, its balanced composition setting it apart. The mass of the Marsan Pavilion on the left and the horizon, which is placed quite high, clearly establish the frame within which the description of the formal garden plays out. Ornamental ponds, flowerbeds, and groves form the poetic surroundings complemented by the regular lines of the park’s paths and the uninterrupted arrangement of sculptures. The palette of golden ochers and shades of green, blue and pink recall the colors of the artist’s Taking a Walk in Argenteuil and more generally his works from the mid-1870s.