MATELIN François-Thimotée (bronzier) ; anonyme (horloger)
La Brouille

vers 1810
bronze (patiné, doré) H. 60 cm ; l. 40 cm ; P. 19 cm ; VOLUM. 0,0456
Mouvement : «Thonissen à Paris»
inv. 337
legs Marmottan Paul (testateur) (1932 acquis)
The subject of this clock, “the Quarrel,” is illustrated by a man and a woman who are about to separate. They appear to have just got up from the bench on which they were sitting. The man is trying to hold back the sad young woman, whose mind already seems elsewhere, while their hands are unlinking. Standing on two pilasters that support the arch, two swans hold up a garland of beribboned leaves supporting the dial. The legs of the bench are monopod winged lions. The figures on this clock were inspired by a painting, also titled La Brouille, by Pierre Narcisse Guérin, winner of the Prix de Rome in 1797, and engraved by Louis Darcis. The engraving forms a diptych with another work, Le Raccommodement (Making Up), by the same artists. Both are kept at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. On May 4, 1810, Le Journal de Paris noted that “bronze makers copy from the great masters . . . the box [boëte] of the clock.” François Thimotée Matelin, a maker of bronzes, to whom Jean-Dominique Augarde attributes this clock, and the clockmaker Thonissen, united their talents to make it.