BIDAULD Jean Joseph Xavier ; VERNET Carle (BIDAULD Jean Joseph Xavier (Carpentras, 1758 ; Montmorency, 1846))
Promenade de Napoléon Ier et de Marie-Louise au château de Saint-Cloud

toile (peinture à l’huile) H. 210 cm ; l. 95 cm
Signé et daté en bas à droite (sur l'arbre) : "J.T. Thibault 1811".
inv. 1066
legs Marmottan Paul (testateur) (1932 acquis)
Like other canvases in the series, this work relates Napoleon I’s stay in one of his residences, in this instance the Château de Saint-Cloud, the second-most important imperial residence after the Tuileries. It was here that the emperor celebrated his civil wedding with the archduchess of Austria, Marie-Louise, on April 1, 1810. On this occasion, fireworks were set off on the Grande Cascade, visible in the background here. In keeping with the tradition of historical landscape, the main scene takes place to the front of the picture, the rest being given up to landscape, which is handled with a mixture of detail and sweep. On the right, at the front, a war invalid leans against a tree, while the Mamluk Roustan, already represented in The Débuché before the Grand Trianon, is moving toward the left. In a yellow caliche drawn by four horses, Napoleon and Marie-Louise are going for a ride in the grounds, surrounded by a few courtiers. The façade of Saint-Cloud can be seen in the background.