MAITRE DU SALOMON WILDENSTEIN (fin du XVe siècle-début du XVIe siècle)
Saint Michel terrassant le dragon

entre 1499 et 1512 4e quart 15e siècle ; 1er quart 16e siècle
Parchemin peint et doré 14,5 × 15 cm
inv. M-6045
Don Daniel Wildenstein (1981)
In the initial B the archangel Michael, holding scales in his left hand to weigh souls, is seen slaying the dragon with the sword brandished in his right. In the N, Maurice, the commander of the Theban Legion, carries the standard of the Cross while his men are carrying the palm of the martyrdom that they preferred to suffer rather than participate in the cult of the emperor Maximian (late 3rd century). These two illuminations are among the masterpieces of the Musée Marmottan Monet collection. The elegance of the figures and the sumptuous colors have led some to attribute them to the Lombard painter known as the Master of the Wildenstein Solomon, identified by some specialists as Thadeo de Scoriatis or Alessandro Pampurino. Probably executed between 1499 and 1512, the two sheets are from a choir (or music) book that probably came from the San Maurizio Maggiore monastery in Milan, which is dedicated to Saint Maurice and his legion, and has an altar to the archangel Michael.