anonyme (ébéniste)

vers 1805-1810
stuc (peint) ; bronze (ciselé, doré) ; acajou H. 78 cm ; D. 67 cm ; VOLUM. 0,275
inv. 935
legs Marmottan Paul (testateur) (1932 acquis)
The tripod base with phoenix heads and talons supports a top in painted stucco at the center of which is an infant Bacchus on a chariot pulled by two satyrs. Around it run two borders, one formed by vine branches and the other of foliage scrolls with panthers. The colors and the motifs used here were inspired by those on Greek red-figure vases illustrating the legend of Dionysus. The panther, the phoenix, and the vine decorating this gueridon are his attributes. A drawing published by Pierre de La Mésangère in volume I of Collection de meubles et objets de goût (1802) presents the same kind of base for a small table. This gueridon comes from the furniture of the king of Naples, Joachim Murat, at his palace at Portici, in the Bay of Naples. When he ascended to the Neapolitan throne in 1808, Murat had furniture and his collection of artworks sent from France. This small piece matched the decoration commissioned by Joachim and Caroline Murat, and copied from the interiors in Pompeii.